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Born 2 August 1935.
Hi-Tech screen printer since 1954 (he started in Sweden) Michel Caza became something like the « wizard, Pope, Guru » – it depends of countries – of screen printing.

Caza owned several companies, the last one was Graficaza (created 1983 -2004), devoted to industrial and Fine Art screen printing and POP/POS manufacturing,
Graficaza, was famous for the high quality of jobs produced and won around 350 Awards between 1983 and 2004 in the American and European Awards Competitions.

He is an « Master screen printer » and he was working with the most famous artists in the whole world.

He published à big book during 2018, about these 55 years  of Art screen printing, "The Chameleon of Contemporary Art".

Specialist and pioneer of UV technologies since 1976 for screen printing and 1996 for digital printing, he was also the very first to screen print 300 lines/inch (120/cm) halftones

One of the founder of FESPA (1962), he has been its President between 1996 and 2002 and spent 44 years at its Board of Directors.
As Fespa representant, he has also been at the Board of Directors of SGIA many years until 2003.

He has been participating to the elaboration of extremely sophisticated improvements of the screen printing technology and wrote many technical books and CDs.

He works as an international consultant in screen & digital printing technologies, with his company « Michel Caza Consulting».

Still close to the FESPA as Consultant, he works a lot for FESPA Associations as technical writer, speaker for conferences, workshops and seminars all over the world, being specially devoted to high technology in all fields of applications, environmental problems and marketing and Fine Art.

He has been also President of the French Screen Printing Digital Printing Association, Fespa France, until 2005 and is now its Vice-President.

Chairman of the ASDPT (SGIA Academy of Screen Printing and Digital Technology (2004/2006).

He received the highest distinction of the US SGIA, the Howard Parmele Award during 2010.

Another of his company, "Michel Caza-Edition-Terascreen" edits and sells his last book,.
He still works as consultant and in Fine Art screen printing with artists.

May 2019.